Training with a punching bag builds strength, technique, coordination and endurance. The regular workout adds power to every strike and tones specific muscle groups in the arms and shoulders.

Punching Bag Workout – Power and Endurance

Fitness-conscious individuals can get in shape with a regular punching bag workout. Initially created for professional boxers, the routine is also useful for men and women who desire to have well-toned arms and shoulders. A punching bag workout adds power to punches and also develops endurance. It’s a practical and fun way to keep in shape. The routine is an effective cardio exercise. The taxing punches builds stamina and keeps the heart and lungs in perfect form. It is also an effective interval training since individuals can immediately perform the required intensity. It is also a good circuit exercise. The high speed punches can immediately followed by medium impact movements.

Standing Punching Bag – Striking Vital Points

Boxers can improve their upper body movements by throwing punches on a standing punching bag. A safe workout accessory, it is also beneficial for martial artists who wish to strengthen their kicks. The standing punching bag is usually filled soft foam but with a stable base so that it can be kept in place. Some bags are even shaped like a person’s torso and head so that boxers can focus on certain areas and practice striking such vital points. This boxing gadget is perfect for those who wish to work out at home because it doesn’t have to hang from the ceiling. The bags are generally soft but repeated use can damage the hands and wrists. It is important for individuals to always wear the proper hand protection when doing the exercise.

Heavy Punching Bag – Improve Fitness

Professional fighters gear up for their matches by striking a heavy punching bag. Practicing punches with conviction generally improves over all fitness. An advantage of using a heavy punching bag is that an individual can adjust the routine depending on the desired fitness level. It is best to start with a combination of strikes and punches to be thrown against the ba in order to achieve a heavy cardiovascular workout. The bag may also be used for resistance workout. To build strength each strike should begin with a core rotation. The strike must flow from the body while pushing the arm. The movement resists momentum and forces muscles to work against the resistance. This builds muscle strength and endurance.