The best part of a push up workout regime is that it not only builds a terrific upper body but also improves the muscle mass and boosts metabolism to give a better overall physical fitness. It is the easiest and most effective way to get wonderful chest, biceps and triceps.

Push Up Workout – Multiple Benefits from Simple Exercise

Beyond the obvious toning of the upper body muscles, there are plenty of other benefits from a push up workout, which most people are unaware of. Push ups increase muscular endurance over a period of time, improve reaction time by training the proprioceptive fibers and increase blood flow in the torso and arms, which is helpful in flushing out lactic acids from the muscles. The push up workout regime entails at least 15 to 30 minutes of workout per day to achieve visible results. There are varying levels of difficulties in this workout which include wide arm, close arm and clap push ups.

Perfect Push Up – Mastering the Art

The perfect push up is an effective way to work out most of the upper body muscles within a short period of time using simple techniques. To get started the first thing is to get on the floor with your hands placed slightly wider than the chest, toes up with the body balanced on hands and toes and the entire surface from head to toe maitained in a straight line. Before starting, contract the abs pulling the stomach towards the spine and keep it that way throughout the exercise. Inhale slowly as you go down bending the elbow up to 90 degress and gradually exhale when coming up. The perfect push up exercise should be repeated only till you are comfortable and not beyond that.

Push Up Bars – Proper Use and Benefits

Push up bars enable many more people to reap the benefits of this simple yet powerful workout technique. Try it on an even ground place with the bars slightly wider than the shoulders and push away from them everytime you go up and then slowly lower yourself to come down. Periodically turn the bars so that different muscles get toned regularly. The primary benefits of the bars are that they alleviate the pressure and strain on the wrists and permit the expansion of depth and intensity of the workout without straining excessively.