Relaxation therapy is considered to be an effective method of stress management. This therapy comprises of certain simple and natural techniques which will relax the body and will prepare it to deal with stress in an efficient manner.

Relaxation Therapy – Soothe Your Body and Mind

The process of relaxation therapy makes use of a large number of techniques in order to create a relaxed response. Controlled breathing, which is the key to relaxation exercises, is seen to help in lessening the urge of flight or fight in stressful situations. Taking deep breaths will allow the intake of more oxygen and will thus help in regulating the blood pressure and the rate of heart beat. In another relaxation technique known as guided imagery or visualization, a person is supposed to visualize a scene where he will feel at peace, without any tensions or stress. Some other techniques of relaxation therapy include mindful meditation and massage therapy. Along with acting as methods of stress relief, these relaxation techniques also provide many other significant health benefits. These techniques boost up the activities one’s immune system. They also aid in proper digestion, thereby reducing the incidence of problems related to the stomach. Conditions like insomnia and fatigue can be tackled effectively by practicing relaxation techniques. These techniques will help to increase the memory and concentration and will also provide a feeling of overall well being.

Musical Therapy – Popular Relaxation Technique

Musical therapy is a kind of relaxation technique which is based on the healing power of music. It is found that music can bring about alterations in the brain waves, which govern the breathing and rate of heartbeat in an individual. Here, the health of an individual is improved through the practice of activities related to music like singing, listening to music and moving to music. Musical therapy acts as a method of relaxation and helps to keep many diseases at bay. It also helps to improve the communication and motor skills of people with special needs. This therapy is found to be of great use in treating children suffering from autism.

Poetry Therapy – Effective Method of Healing

Poetry therapy is a method of using poetry for the healing and growth of a person. This practice, which dates back to ancient times, has gained widespread appreciation and recognition in today’s world. In this method, a trained therapist makes use of poetry as a medium of expression of thoughts, feelings and emotions of an individual. This therapy, which comprises of reading and writing poems, is done in a quiet and peaceful atmosphere. Poetry therapy helps in increasing one’s accuracy, creativity and self esteem. It helps in releasing tension and also strengthens a person’s interpersonal and communication skills.