What you may ask, does responsibility have in common with
fitness, weight loss, and nutrition?

Everything, it all starts with personal responsibility.

We have somehow become a society that is not responsible for
ourselves. Numerous examples from the past few years abound:

Ø Someone drives away with a cup of coffee, spills it; it’s the restaurant’s fault.
Ø Over 60% of us are overweight; it’s the fast food industry’s fault.
Ø Prescription drugs have moved up to the number 4 killer in the United States, it’s the drug industries fault. (although we take them)
Ø Most recently a doctor tells an obese person to lose weight or die He’s insensitive.

The list goes on and on. What we seem to have lost sight of is,
it really doesn’t matter who is at fault, if we are overweight,
unhealthy, and die prematurely, we lose no matter who caused it.

We have simply got to become more aware of our environment, what
is causing the obesity issues today, and take personal
responsibility to resolve those issues on a personal level.

The diet and drug industries are counting on you doing just the
opposite. They are selling over $35 Billion per year in diet
supplements, diet drugs, diet foods, and numerous other
products. They obviously aren’t working because obesity in
America has increased 20% in the last decade.

The stuff doesn’t work but it is profitable.

There really is no secret pill. You need to understand the
body’s caloric requirement at your current fitness level to
maintain your current weight. You then eat less and exercise
more to burn calories to reduce weight. Any calories we take in
that are not burned are stored as fat.

It doesn’t matter what pill you take, what you inject into your
body, or how much expensive prepared food you eat, sooner or
later it comes down to logic and numbers.

The body was not designed to run on a single kind of fuel, be it
fat, carbs whatever. We need a varied diet to regenerate our
bodies and remain healthy.

We simply refuse to accept that fact. In my books “Living to be
Younger” and “Living Better”, I cover these subjects in detail.
There are no false claims and wild promises. You learn exactly
why losing 30 pounds in 30 days is not only nonsense it’s

Stop wasting time and money chasing a magic bullet solution.
If there was one, we’d all be the ideal weight.

Take responsibility for your health and wellness and become an
Educated consumer. Learn what your body needs, how to provide it properly and naturally and take charge of your life.

When our bodies first came into the world from the original designer do you
Think they were meant to need diet pills, shots, or expensive processed foods?

Of course not they need a varied diet of fresh fruits and vegetables, and we need to
Move them around some.

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