Rope exercises are one of the ideal ways to increase shoulder and core strength. Many of these workouts can be done alone or in groups to increase the element of fun and motivation. Jump rope training employs many challenging techniques thereby shooting boredom down.

Rope Exercises – Ways to Jump Rope

There are many benefits of performing rope exercises. These exercises help to condition the aerobic and anaerobic systems, gain shoulder strength and improves lower body strength. Choosing the right rope to perform rope exercises is extremely important. The rope should not be too light and when folded in half should reach from your armpits to the ground. Each end of the rope should be gripped firmly but not very tightly. Placing your arms down, ensure the rope stays near your heels behind you. Make use of your wrist to thrust rope over head and to your front. Thereafter you can jump when the rope reaches your toes. Bending knees is not as effective as actual jumping.

Jump Rope Training – Variations to Employ

Trying different techniques and variations of jump rope training challenges the body. Alternate leg jumps involve jumping under rope using one leg at a time. With every revolution you make, change the foot. Double leg jumps are similar to the first one but both legs are used simultaneously here. High knees involve raising knees as high as possible while jumping. Weights can be added to wrists for added complexity. Criss – cross involves twisting body while jumping in a specific manner. Double unders ensure you swing the rope twice under your feet before they touch the ground. Run skipping involves running while jumping and outdoors and large spaces are ideal for this variation. A combination of all techniques of jump rope training can be done here.

Benefits of Jumping Rope – Explore Advantages

Jumping rope is a tried and tested method to enhance conditioning and coordination. This single most comprehensive and effective exercise has many benefits to offer. Besides being fun and entertaining, benefits of jumping rope include enormous amount of calories that can be burnt. It has been proved that even up to 1000 calories can be lost in an hour. Agility, cardiovascular health, endurance, balance and weight loss are other benefits. This total body workout tones muscles of your entire body and helps to develop lean and long muscles in both the upper and lower body. Optimization of cardiovascular conditioning and maximization of athletic skills are possible through this exercise. This can be done in isolation or in groups and therefore helps you to stay motivated and increases fun element.