An effective cardio workout like running should be done keeping all niceties in mind to gain maximum benefits. Maintaining an upright body posture, avoiding swift movements, and putting on the right running gear are absolutely vital.

Running for Beginners – Handy Tips to Start Off

One of the most easy and popular forms of exercise, running has innumerable health benefits like weight loss, better blood circulation, increasing physical strength, enhancing stamina, and also preventing stress and cardiovascular diseases. Running for beginners guidelines should be followed if one has just started out with this form of exercise. Cover only short distances in the beginning at a moderate speed and increase intensity only after the body gets accustomed to the workout. Avoid prompt and impact bearing movements that might shock or strain muscles or joints leading to injuries, cramps or fractures. All running for beginners rules necessitate wearing comfortable and close fitting shoes with cushioned soles with clothes that allow for free movement. Always carry a bottle of water to prevent dehydration.

Running Techniques – Body Posture

To avoid pain in the lower back, knees, and ankles one must adhere to the appropriate running techniques. Maintaining the correct posture is crucial: hold the head and shoulders straight, swing arms in a forward and backward motion, torso and back should be upright, and hips should be parallel to the ground. Also, flex feet whenever they touch the ground and land using the middle part of the feet and not the toes or heels after which pick up motion again by rolling again on the front toes. Running techniques always specify position for the arms, which should be bent at an angle of 90 degrees and placed close to the waist and not the chest. They should be kept relaxed while walking without any clenching of the fist.

Proper Running Technique

Generally comprising of stretches, a warm up session is essential before running as it increases the blood flow to muscles thus preventing pains, cramps and other damages. Also, after running a cool down session is important. Avoid postures like curved back or hunched shoulders and movements that involve bouncing or jumping whilst maintaining a stride of short and light steps at all times. In a proper running technique one should either look at the horizon or at the ground about 10-15 feet away never letting the head bend downwards. Plan a regimen for running that fits in the exercise atleast 3-5 days in a week and stick to it religiously as missing out on sessions will nullify the beneficial effects.