Getting a six pack abdomen involves strengthening abdominal core muscles and losing body fat. Although it sounds like a simple concept, there is a lot of effort one must put in such as following a strict diet and performing several sets of exercises to get favorable results.

Six Pack Abs Diet – Categorize your Daily Menu

If you want to stay in excellent shape or better still get a six pack abdomen, you must follow a diet regime as stipulated by a fitness expert. The correct six pack abs diet can get you good results in a relatively short span of time. Such a diet will help you take your metabolism function to a desirable level. Replacing a three meal routine with a six meal regime (without changing the quantity) will enhance your metabolism. Avoiding flour, white bread, pop, soda, chocolates, white sugar, desserts and intense pasta sauces is important. Including a high protein diet, such as eggs, nuts, fish, chicken, fruits and vegetables, whole grains, natural butter (peanut) and water, every day is a significant change to make. All that is unnatural and processed will make you deter from your fitness objective. Seeking advice on a suitable six pack abs diet from your fitness instructor can help you build a shapely abdomen quickly and safely.

Six Pack Exercises – Follow with Diet

Although diet is very important to get an ideal six pack abdomen, exercises play an equally or more important role to get into a shape you desire. There are several six pack exercises and handling them under the competent guidance of a fitness trainer is necessary to reach your objective. Holding a tornado ball and performing wall and seated chops rapidly for about 30 seconds a set is good. Surrender sit ups with hand held upwards also helps. You should squeeze your glutes while doing this exercise. Few other six pack exercises include power wheel crunches where you bend your knees when your feet are attached to the power wheel or weighted crunches using a Swiss ball. Perform three sets of 8 repetitions each. Reverse crunches using a Swiss ball, hanging leg raises, Janda sit – ups, full contact twists, cable side crunches and medicine ball throws are other exercises that can fetch you a six pack abdomen.

Six Pack Abs Fast – How to Go By

While many dream of getting a shapely abdomen, it is not a very simple endeavor and requires some amount of discipline and channelized efforts. It is important for you to determine two critical aspects. First, understand the current state of your body. This does not mean checking your body weight every day. On the contrary, it is futile to do so very frequently since day to day fluctuations can cause either extreme happiness or disappointment that may not necessarily be valid. Checking weight once a week is however necessary. Second, determine your future course of action and understand if you are moving towards the right direction. Loss of weight may sometimes be loss of muscle which is not favorable. Check for the amount of body fat percentage lost. You have to get into a correct overall ratio in order to get six pack abs fast.