Squatting in strength training develops the thigh and hip muscles as well as the hamstrings and buttocks. As a result of this exercise, the tendons, bones and ligaments of the lower body are also toughened. It thickens the volume of the muscles, as evident in the built of body builders.

Squat Exercise – Combinations and Variants

In weightlifting, front squat involves holding the barbell against the deltoids and clavicles just above the chest. The weights can be supported by crossing the arms or in a simple grip. The back squat exercise, meanwhile, requires the weights to be positioned at the bottom of either the lower back or the neck. The overhead squat entails lifting the barbell in a position called the wide-arm snatch grip above the head. In a trap bar deadlift, a device called trap bar is held while both hands are propped on the sides of the body. The box squat exercise, a popular squat training method, requires the body builder to sit on a type of support, such as a bench, at the bottom of the squatting motion before slowly rising again. These exercises can be done individually or in combination with each other.

Squats for Women – Basic Positions

Although the basic squatting exercises apply to both men and women, some women may feel the training too strenuous. Because of this, some trainers allow women to do a lighter version of the exercise or introduce them to techniques specifically formulated for women. The chair squat is one of the easiest squats for women. This exercise, done eight to ten times, entails standing in front of a chair and planting the feet slightly wider than the distance between shoulders. The arms are then brought together before the chest before the person squats back and briefly touches the chair and stands up. Wide stance squats for women works the inner thighs while the back is kept straight during the routine. This involves pointing the toes outwards as the legs are distanced a little bit farther than shoulder width, and then sinking into a squat as the head is held up. The knees are then thrust outwards over the toes before returning to standing position.

Squat Workout – For Men

A simple squat routine for men is the wall squat, which can boost the endurance of legs and core abdomen muscles. Body builders start this squat workout by rising up to the balls of each foot while standing about an arm’s length from a wall. The wall can be touched lightly by the fingers for balance while the knees are bent to a small degree. From here, a full squat can be done in a way that the thighs are equidistant to the floor. With the back kept straight, the body builder should slowly rise back to the starting position.