Stomach spasms or cramps in the stomach occur due to the involuntary action of the stomach muscles. This painful and uncomfortable condition is often a symptom of an underlying disease, and therefore should be treated in a timely and proper manner.

Stomach Spasms – Various Reasons Of Occurrence

There can be many reasons for the occurrence of stomach spasms. The condition can occur due to excessive consumption of spicy food or alcohol. Spasms in the stomach is also seen to accompany accompany the condition of diarrhea. But the severity of this condition increases if it is associated with certain acute illnesses associated with the digestion of food. Stomach flu or gastroenteritis is one such condition, which can lead to the formation of severe pain and cramps in the stomach. Here, the spasms occur in the left side of the stomach and are caused due to the inflammation of the intestines due to pathogenic action. A medical condition called diverticulitis, which is characterized by the rupture of the colon also leads to this condition. A person having irritable bowel syndrome can also experience severe stomach spasms. Colic, which is a condition characterized by an acute stomach pain, which starts and ends suddenly can also lead to formation of spasms in the stomach. This condition is seen prevalent among infants.

Stomach Nausea – an Unpleasant Condition

Stomach nausea or a constant feeling of vomiting is a condition which accompanies digestive disorders, motion sickness and other illnesses like cold and flu. A severe condition of nausea will lead to the development of spasms in the stomach. This condition will also lead to an imbalance in the acid levels in the stomach, which will result in heartburn. In order to deal with stomach nausea, you should avoid having spicy and fried foods and should drink plenty of water. If you experience persistent bouts of nausea, then do have probiotic supplements in order to strengthen your digestive system.

Stomach Discomfort – Many Treatments Followed

The treatment for a stomach discomfort will be based on its reason for occurence. In case of spasms and cramps in the stomach caused due to gastroenteritis, antibiotics is used as a mode of treatment. Stomach disorders associated with irritable bowel syndrome can be cured with the help of laxatives. Sometimes alternative therapies like acupuncture is used as a method of treatment. Including fiber rich foods like whole grain, wheat, fruits and vegetables in our diet will help in reducing the incidence of disorders of the stomach.