Strength training exercises can be done with our without using weights. Stability balls and resistance bands can be used for maximum benefits out of the workouts. They boost your metabolism, improve your athletic performance, and burn the fat easily.

Strength Workouts – Define and Tone Your Muscles

The strength training workouts use resistance to build strength and muscles. The most common and sought after ones are the weight lifting exercises. Bodyweight exercises, resistance band exercise, exercise ball workouts etc are a few other strength workouts. These exercises help to tone up and define your muscles and the entire body. Women are also found to benefit a lot from these workouts. Areas like the thighs, the arms, buttocks, and stomach look toned up and well built. Around 5-7 exercises can be included in a routine. For endurance strength workouts, the weights must be increased eventually, and the repetitions must be reduced. It is ideal to recuperate between exercise sessions. Squats, bench press, hammer curls, bridge pose, push ups, sit ups etc are a few of the strength workouts.

Cardiovascular Training – Improve Heart Efficiency

Improving the cardiovascular system including the heart and lungs, cardiovascular exercises enhance the functions of the heart and increase blood circulation, and boost the transportation of oxygen to the muscles. These exercises workout the large muscles of the body, and increase the efficiency of the heart and the lungs. The exercises are simple, and could be anything like swimming, jogging, cycling, aerobics, and running. For a healthy regimen, cardiovascular trainings must be a part of your everyday routine. It is ideal to perform these exercises at least thrice a week, for duration of 30 minutes each time. Using more than one cardiovascular training exercise is found to be more effective, and this practice is termed cross training. The target heart rate for the cardiovascular workouts depends on your goal. The heart rates must be maintained, and never must be fallen short of or exceeded. Ideally, keep your heart rate monitored every time you do a cardiovascular workout.You can also opt to buy elliptical trainers or other exercise machines to do cardiovascular workouts at the comfort of your own homes.

Weight Training Workouts – Workout with Weights

Weight training workouts involve training with weights, and a proper training is required to understand how to workout the specific area to accomplish your goal. These exercises could be for either weight loss or for muscle buildup. Keep changing exercises once your body gets strengthened and accustomed with the exercise regimen. Repeating your exercises also help improve the overall development of the body. Refer exercise magazines or go to a gym for better instructions on the diet plans and how to workout at homes.There are many weight training exercises for women designed to workout each part of the body, including bicep exercises, tricep exercises, shoulder exercises, ab exercises, and calf exercises. Squats, leg press, lunge, deadlift etc are a few of the weight training exercises.