Sun salutations were an age old practice that aims at expressing gratitude to the God of Sun as believed in some cultures. It is an essential routine of yoga, but now people around the globe have realized its health benefits and adapted to attain amazing fitness.

Sun Salutations – For Perfect Mind and Body

Those who practise sun salutations on a regular basis stay fit and healthy. This stimulates all the vital pressure points in the body which in turn rejuvenates one’s mind and body. It elevates the metabolic rate of the body which in turn burns calories readily and helps one stay in shape. The various yoga poses involved in this help to strengthen and improve the flexibility of muscles. Sun salutations also improve the efficiency of the digestive system. It improves the circulation of blood, which in turn makes the skin radiant and glowing. It also helps to keep the mind free of stress by relieving tension. It is considered therapeutic for several medical conditions like blood pressure, diabetes, cholesterol etc. Insomnia related problems can also be resolved by practising the same consistently. Women suffering from irregular menstrual cycles can practise it to experience relief.

Sun Salutation Poses – Various Steps

Sun salutation poses involve 12 different poses of yoga combined into one complete exercise routine. The first two poses are the mountain pose and upward hand pose. These are followed by Standing Forward Bend and half standing forward bend. Next set of steps are plank pose and four-limbed pose. Upward facing dog pose and downward facing dog pose are the last among the basic steps. The last four steps involve the repetition of first four steps in reverse order. While performing these sun salutation poses, one needs to regulate their breathing by inhaling during poses that involve bending backwards and exhaling in all poses that involve bending forward.

108 Sun Salutations – Significance

According to ancient scriptures, one is supposed to perform 108 sun salutations to please the God of Sun. As per the Hindu mythology the number 108 is very auspicious. The traditional Hindu rosary possess 108 sacred beads for worship and chanting hymns. According to the ancient Vedic mathematicians, the distance between the sun, moon and the earth is 108 times their diameters. There are 108 scared places in India and it is also believed that there are 108 sacred points in the human body. Because of these reasons the Indian sages and gurus used to practise 108 sun salutations and that tradition is followed till date.