Swiss ball exercises require the use of a swiss ball, sometimes known as a physio ball or fit ball. These exercises target any muscle group in the body.

Swiss Ball Exercises – Targeting Different Muscle Groups

Push-ups and tricep dips are swiss ball exercises that target the upper body while squats, lunges, curls and bridge exercises are meant to strengthen muscles in the lower body. Crunches and planks are targeted to strengthen muscles in the trunk. While dumbbells can build up muscles in the upper body, swiss ball exercises are intended to add difficulty to strengthening exercises. Swiss balls are used as a bench or seat in performing such exercises. They can be used when doing push-ups against a wall instead of the floor, especially for those with shoulder injuries and are rehabilitating it. Progressing in this exercise means standing further away from the wall, which puts more weight on the upper body.

Swiss Ball Rollout – Strengthening Core Muscles

The swiss ball rollout is performed by sitting on one’s knees in front of the ball with the fists and forearms placed on it. The exercise starts when the ball is slowly moved forward with the arms unbending and not allowing the lower back to fall while the ball rolls further and the body extends. Abdominal muscles are used to return to the starting position. The swiss ball rollout targets muscles of the abdomen and the oblique muscles, those on the hips, lower back and the core muscles of the body. This exercise can also be differentiated by standing as if about to perform a push-up with the hands resting on the ball instead of on the floor.

Swiss Ball Pike – Building Muscles

A swiss ball pike is a rigorous exercise that takes stamina, core strength, flexibility and balance to perform. Muscles of the shoulder, chest and core need to be developed in order to endure through this exercise. Likewise, the lower back and hamstrings should be flexible enough so as not to sustain injuries while performing this exercise. Developing strength and stamina to perform exercises can be gained through swiss ball planks, jackknife and the pike push-up. Pike push-ups strengthen the upper body and at the same time directs it to concentrate on endurance and core stability. Stabilizing core muscles is important since it holds the balance of the entire body.