Strenuous workouts comprising of both cardio and muscle strengthening exercises should be adopted by one, so as to get strong and lean thighs. Exercises should work out all muscle groups equally and women should pick thigh workouts astutely as they tend to accumulate fat there easily.

Thigh Workout – Balanced and Vigorous

Intense cardio activities coupled with muscle strengthening exercises are a must for thigh workouts and such sessions should always start with warm up exercises which increase blood flow to muscles making them more responsive to physical movements. Intense cardio workouts help to burn the built up fatty reserves and some really effective ones are jump rope, running uphill, climbing stairs, etc. Apart from these, the usual cardio activities like running, jogging, walking, biking, and swimming are also great. Ensure that exercises for all muscle groups like the hamstrings, quadriceps and adductors are included in the workout. An appropriate thigh workout will focus on all these muscle groups equally thus preventing overdevelopment of any one muscle group.

Inner Thigh Workout – Dynamic

Many variations of lunges, squats, raises, stretches, kicks, and bends make for effective inner thigh workouts. The wide squats, that are normal squats done keeping legs as wide apart as possible, are very effective. Lunges as well as side lunges done by extending leg sideways one by one are excellent. Many ball workouts done by lying straight on the back and balancing the ball between the thighs are very beneficial and one can also try squeezing a pillow between the thighs while sitting on a chair. Thigh lifts done by lying sideways on the floor are an easy inner thigh workout, just bend the leg on top at 90 degrees and then raise leg on the floor as far above as possible.

Thigh Workouts for Women

Squats and lunges which can be done either free hand or with weights are very popular among women. Sumo squats and also squats done standing against the wall and bending legs at 90 degrees to attain a sitting position are very beneficial. Exercises that involve bending and raising the legs are also effective like leg bends, squat and bend, leg raises, kickbacks, extensions etc. Thigh lifts are very popular for toning and strengthening thighs and they can be done for outer as well as inner thighs. Some stretching exercises like butterfly stretch and sun salutation from yoga are excellent thigh workouts for women. Workouts done with a resistance tube and adductor machine are very helpful.