One of the effective means to lose weight is through trampoline workout, which generally begins with several runs of warm up and stretching drills, followed by the actual trampoline exercise, and ends with cool-down exercises.

Trampoline Exercises – Fundamental Routines

The trampoline contact bounce is just one of the popular warm up and cool down trampoline exercises that can be incorporated prior to the workout. This exercise can be accomplished by initially bending the knees a little with the feet at shoulders’ width apart and placing the hands on the waistline. The contact bounce is then very gently performed with the feet not leaving the mat. The other known trampoline exercises are the trampoline foot taps, which generally begin by keeping the body similar to that of the contact bounce position and then shifting the weight to one of the sides. Here, one foot is tapped to the opposite, repeating the movement about ten times by means of shifting one’s weight to the right direction, and then to the left. Finally, a steady bounce is carried out.

Mini Trampoline Exercises – Common Drills

Some of the most widely held mini trampoline exercises are the cross-country skiing and knee-raise drills. The latter is executed by jumping back and forth across the routine equipment with the toes pointed forward and the head feet slightly lifted. The arms are then swung in harmony with one’s opposing legs. The former, on the other hand, is carried out by simply jogging over the trampoline with the knees lifted as high as possible and then rhythmically touching it using the opposing hand or elbow when the knee rises. The other popular mini trampoline exercises are the seated bounce drills which basically start with the feet placed on the ground, bottom at the equipment, and the elbows bent. The bounce is then performed on one’s bottom as controlled by the core.

Trampoline Workout – For Weight Loss

The upright row is a very effective trampoline workout that can be achieved by initially assuming a steady contact bounce position followed by alternately raising the knees just above the waist, and then performing an upright row using the arms every time the knee is raised. Another great trampoline workout is the contact big bounce drill, which can be accomplished by gently bouncing at the start and then bouncing higher just enough for the feet to lose contact with the mat. Even jumping jacks can be performed over the equipment with the legs kept at shoulders’ width apart every time one lands onto the mat, at the same time, making sure that the arms and legs are simultaneously worked out.