There are many exercises for getting a flat stomach with crunches being the most popular. But to get noticeable results one must include both cardio and muscle strengthening workouts while exercising.

Tummy Exercises – Sweat Out with Aerobics

Aerobic exercises are crucial to shed belly flab and take up these tummy exercises for around 30-60 minutes on alternate days but only for a maximum for three days in a week. Running, jogging, and walking are well known aerobic workouts, but one can take up other forms of aerobics also like skipping, dancing, and swimming. Dancing and aerobics burn a huge number of calories in a single session and give quick results. Sports like football, basketball, baseball, biking, etc are very effective tummy exercises. For cardio workouts to be affective in burning fat around the stomach; they should be strenuous, intense, energetic and sans any monotony with successive sessions that vary in speed.

Flat Stomach Exercises – Tone Muscles

Along with aerobics, one should take up resistance training also to get washboard abs. Weight lifting helps to tone stomach muscles; additionally leg raises, side bends, sit ups, and bench press help to strengthen abdominals. Crunches and their many variations are considered best flat stomach exercises, while others like side bends are excellent for the oblique’s. Also, it is important to work out muscles and shed flab from lower as well as upper abs. It is very important to raise heart rate significantly while doing flat stomach exercises weather they are aerobics or muscle toning workouts, otherwise the sessions will not produce results.

Belly Exercises

Shedding fat from lower abs is quite challenging and this grueling feat can be accomplished with reverse crunches, bicycle exercise, and leg lifts. There are many stretches and yoga postures also that help to get washboard abs. However, extreme workouts should be avoided as they can make muscles around the stomach bulky causing the waist to become wider. Thus, a combination or cardio and abdominal workouts are the best belly exercises. The most important tip is to be active throughout the day, walk to the grocery shop, take the stairs instead of the lift, maintain a good posture by sitting and standing upright to keep your stomach muscles toned.