Upper body exercises are targeted at the muscles in the chest, back, shoulders and arms. They vary in length according to the perseverance of beginners or advanced trainers.

Upper Body Exercises – Strengthening the Torso

Before starting upper body exercises, a person must ascertain that he/she is capable of undertaking such exercise so as not to aggravate any medical conditions one might have. Warming up before starting a workout is also important. It is also advised that muscles involved in upper body exercises are given time to recover from the soreness. To strengthen muscles in the upper body, one can lift weights or use a pilates or exercise ball. Exercises must be done properly so that ligaments may not be unduly stressed or twisted. Movements must likewise be done so that one can feel muscle contractions and therefore are being developed. Intensity can likewise be increased by resting the calves in an elevated position such as an exercise ball.

Upper Arm Exercises – For Toned Arms

Exercises which are specifically targeted for the arms keep it strong and toned. Upper arm exercises are important since upper arms are also needed in other exercises aside from the admiration one gets when wearing sleeveless clothes. They involve working out the bicep and tricep muscles. Upper arm exercises are achieved with a combination of duration and variation. Both elements are necessary so that the arms don’t get over-trained and different parts of the arms are used as well. Such workouts can be done using dumbbells or your own weight and they can be performed in several positions. One can even use the same training but in different postures.

Upper Chest Workout – Creating Resistance

People, men especially, engage in an upper chest workout to increase chest measurements and exude fitness. However, such a reason is only secondary to a person’s health. The chest measurement is also influenced by bone structure and tissues attached to it. This doesn’t mean that this area should be neglected. A bench press or a dumbbell press at various degrees to create different amounts of resistance can increase and strengthen the chest. Muscles involved in an upper chest workout also necessitate working out the muscles of the shoulders and arms. Medium grip dips also allow for development of pectoral muscles and increased mass.