Yoga originated in India, and the word yoga is a derivative of the Sanskrit word ‘yuj”, which means, “unite”. The discipline aims at the union of mind, body and soul. These traditional disciplines are associated with the religion Hinduism.

What is Yoga – Disciplines that Train Consciousness

Rather considered as stress busters by the modern generations, yoga has the power to spiritually awaken a person, and to physically benefit him or her simultaneously. The effects of doing yoga are mainly positive, and the same is seeable in the individuals who diligently practice the discipline. The types of yoga are many, and the best thing about the discipline is that several postures are easy for pregnant women and those with ailments like arthritis and osteoporosis. Meditation is one important aspect of yoga, wherein the mind is completely taken under control. The various yoga postures also focus on concentrating on the breaths, and this is one great way to relax your mind and to learn how to concentrate. Many internet sources can be referred to understand what is yoga. In addition, many of the yoga experts and practitioners have published books and CDs on practicing yoga sessions at the comfort of homes, and they are great ways to provide deep insights on what is yoga.

Yoga Asana – The Balancing Postures

Yoga asanas are the postures used in the practice of yoga, and there are around 84 of them. They are not just about stretching or exercising. Each asana possess special name, form, and has distinctive ways of performing. The asanas create a perfect balance in the body and mind through proper development of strength and flexibility. These asanas have evidently shown their physical and mental benefits, the most important of which include relaxing the mind and body. The yoga asanas can be standing, sitting, or bending postures. The Surya namaskar, utthan pada asana, bhujanga asana, salabha asana, matsya asana, shava asana, dhanur asana etc are a few of the most sought after yoga postures. They are known to perfectly overhaul and rejuvenate the mind and body, further creating a state of balance in you.

Yoga in Daily Life – Offering Yoga and Community Services

Yoga in Daily Life is a non-profit organization arranging community services and yoga sessions to educate and provide the benefits of yoga to all. Founded by Swamiji Paramhans Swami Maheshwarananda, the organization is located in 26 countries with over 3000 locations. The organization encourages people from all walks of life, and from all age groups to indulge in yoga and to learn how to breathe, meditate, stretch and relax. Yoga in Daily Life also does community services to preserve the environment, and entertain activities aiming at promoting world peace. The organization provides the right kind of encouragement to people to take a positive approach in life and to work for the benefit of mankind.