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Who Can Replace North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un?


Who can replace North Korean leader Kim Jong Un?

North Korea’s state media is sending a message that everything is fine in their country, but in other parts of the world, speculation continues about North Korean leader Kim Jong Un’s health. Rumors of his death are also hot with his serious illness.

This period of speculation about his health began after April 15, when Kim Jong Un did not attend the birthday celebrations of his grandfather and North Korean founder Kim Il Sung that day.

The governments of South Korea and the United States have said no unusual activity has been reported in North Korea, suggesting that Kim Jong Un is seriously ill or has died. But rumors about Kim Jong Un will continue until the North Korean government-controlled media makes an announcement.

If the rumors are true, then the biggest question is who will replace Kim Jong Un as North Korea’s leader?

Kim Yu Jong

Kim Jong Un’s younger sister Kim Yoo Jong is seen in North Korea as the first choice for the country’s new leader.

Like her brother, 31-year-old Kim Yu-jong has studied in the western country of Switzerland. He is a member of the Politburo and is also the Assistant Director of the country’s most important Publicity and Movement Department.

He is also known as Kim Jong Un’s ‘Secret Diary’. It is thought that Yu Jong played a key role in Kim Jong Un’s day-to-day operations. She is also said to have advised her brother on policy matters. Kim Yu-jong is also a member of the so-called Mount Pacto Bloodline, which is seen as a direct descendant of Kim Il-sung and who has played a key role in North Korean politics.

But it is also said that they are quick to do anything, which makes them more likely to make mistakes.

Kim Jong Un was embarrassed by a picture of him secretly peeping during a recent meeting between Kim Jong Un and US President Donald Trump. However, this is not the first time Kim Jong Un has made such a move.

But there is also the question of whether North Korea is ready to lead a woman. Women play an important role in North Korea’s political and social system, but their presence is a powerful position is minimal.

In such a situation, will she be able to overcome the challenge of patriarchal society as a member of the Kim family?

Kim Jong Chol

Kim Jong Un’s older brother is Kim Jong Chol. His father trained him as North Korea’s future leader, but Kim Jong-un did not show much enthusiasm in the military and politics, so Kim Jong-un was replaced.

Kim Jong-un is also not seen in public. He was spotted in London in 2015 when he appeared at a concert by his favorite guitarist Eric Clapton at the Royal Albert Hall.

But will they have the leadership of the country? This is very unlikely.

Kim Pyongyang Il

Former North Korean leader Kim Jong Il is the half-brother of former North Korean leader Kim Jong Il.

He is also a member of the Mount Pacto Bloodline, the son of North Korea’s first supreme leader, Kim Il-sung. At one time he was considered a threat to Kim Jong Il, so Kim Pyong Il was kept out of the country for four decades as an ambassador to various European countries.

Kim Pyong-il returned to Pyongyang last year after retiring at the age of 65. Taking over their leadership could mean “the country is in safe hands.”

Choi Ryung Hai

Deputy Chief Marshal Choi Ryung Hai is considered Kim Jong Un’s right-hand man. Not only that, but he is also the president of the North Korean parliament, the Supreme People’s Assembly.

Choi Reung, 70, is seen as the country’s most powerful man. He was instrumental in bringing Kim Jong Un to power. And in return, Kim Jong Un has given him a lot of respect. A few months after assuming power in 2012, Choi Reung Hai received several promotions at the same time. This underscores their importance to Kim Jong Un.

In addition to the Kim family, Choi is one of the few leaders in the country whose names are regularly heard and seen in North Korea’s state media.

In North Korea, can a person from outside the family be the head of government?

If the answer is yes, then Choi Rewang Hai can be a suitable candidate for the leadership. If Kim Jong Un’s untimely departure leads to a change in the country’s leadership, then the rats may be suitable for it.

Kim J. Rewing

Despite Kim’s name, Korean Prime Minister Kim Jong Un does not belong to the Kim family. North and South Korea are less common names.

Before 2016, not many people knew about Jay Rewing, but since then he has had consistent success. He arrived in the North Korean parliament a year ago and was suddenly elected prime minister within a month. He became a member of the Politburo and also served on the Central Military Commission.

Kim Jong Un is not a member of the ruling family, but he can be considered suitable for the role until the Kim family names a suitable candidate.

How will the successor be selected?

North Korea has been ruled by the Kim family since its founding in 1948.

The country’s new leader is formally announced by North Korea’s parliament, the Supreme People’s Assembly. But under the influence of the Workers’ Party and its supporters, North Korea’s parliament is also known as the Rubber Stamp Parliament. The leader is elected months or years before the official announcement.

Kim Jong Un’s father, Kim Jong Il, became the leader of North Korea in 1994, following the death of his father, Kim Il Sung. During his rule, he ensured the Kim family’s important role in North Korean politics.

He made a statement stating that the Kim family was one of the great families of the sacred mountain volcano Petco, which nurtured Korean civilization. He brought his family to a place where it was believed that the people of this family were born to rule.

Kim Il Sung chooses Kim Jong Il as his successor. And then Kim Jong Il handed over power to his son Kim Jong Un.

Kim Jong Un has his own family, but so far none of his children have been seen in public. Nor is anyone prepared to take power. The truth is that the people of North Korea do not even know the names of Kim Jong Un’s children.

In North Korea, no one has been identified as a possible leader to replace Kim Jong Un. In such a situation, Kim’s untimely departure will create a vacuum that will be difficult to fill.

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