Who is Donald Trump?


Who is Donald Trump?

When Donald Trump was 13, his father found a one-button knife in his room and immediately sent him to military school for correction.

Donald Trump proved to be a good player as the captain of the baseball team and was awarded the title of ‘Nets and Order’ for cleanliness, but he failed to make close friends at the military academy.

After graduating from school in 1964, he was so influenced by the world of glamour that he started thinking about going to film school.

But he enrolled at Fordham University and then moved to Wharton Business School at the University of Pennsylvania two years later.

Success in Manhattan

Success in ManhattanThree years after graduating from college, Donald Trump moved to Manhattan, New York City. The young man from Queens had a hard time getting along with the New York princes, but he surprised many architects with his boldness and boldness.

In a complicated deal, he bought the Commodore Hotel on 42nd Street for Rs 70 million with financial support from his father. Then they rebuilt the building. They reopened it in 1980 under the name The Grand Hyatt Hotel. The experiment was very successful, and since Donald had an interest rate of 50%, he began to receive large sums of money.

Construction of the Trump Tower

trump towerThe Trump Tower is a highlight on the Manhattan horizon, but Donald Trump has been embroiled in controversy during its construction.

Undocumented Polish workers played a key role in its construction. The New York Times criticized Trump for tearing down two art decor in the area.

 But once the 28-story building was ready, 700 guests, including New York’s Mayor Ed Koch, attended Mr. Trump’s party. 10,000 balloons were released on Madison Avenue as a celebration.

The building cemented Trump’s name in Manhattan, where he still lives and works.

Trump’s first book, The Art of the Deal, was published in November 1987, claiming to tell readers the secrets of his success.

The book remained on the New York Times list of best-selling books for 48 weeks, of which 13 weeks topped the list. The book not only raised millions of dollars in royalties for Trump but also boosted his reputation.

 He came to be seen as a global symbol in the art of trade and as a man who succeeded through his hard work.

Revenue for the Trump organization has skyrocketed. In the days that followed, he started Trump Airlines and built hundreds of buildings and made so much profit that he bought his yacht, which he named the Trump Princess.

Shock in the 1990s

For Trump, the 1990’s ended in a very expensive divorce from his wife because his wife found out about his affair.

Donald Trump’s finances plummeted due to the recession of the 1990’s, which severely affected New York’s real estate market.

Trump failed to pay interest on two-thirds of the loans on time. In 1991, Trump’s Taj Mahal in Atlantic City declared bankruptcy. Then in 1992, Trump Plaza followed suit, and his business acumen was called into question.

He once pointed to a poor man on the street and said that he was  900 million poorer than that man because of his debts.

Miss Universe and Return Skills

Despite the setbacks of the early 1990’s, Trump took drastic steps to get his life back on track. He sold his yacht and Trump Airlines. Unexpectedly, he ventured into the field of entertainment and bought the Miss Universe franchise, which included Miss America and Miss Ten America beauty pageants.

He also benefited from his second book, The Art of the Comeback, during his financial troubles. The book also went on to become a bestseller and told the story of getting out of debt, the puzzles of a short (1993-97) married life with Marla Maples. She gave birth to her second daughter, Tiffany Trump.

Twitter Account

Death of Donald Trump father

In June 1999, Donald Trump’s father, Frederick Christ Trump, died at the age of 93. He left a legacy of about 250 million to 300 300 million. More than 650 people attended his funeral, and speaking on the occasion, Donald Trump said it was the most difficult day of his life.

Donald Trump also received a letter of condolence from John F. Candy Jr. on the occasion, saying that “no matter where you are at life, the death of one of your parents changes you.” Donald Trump’s older brother Fred Jr.’s family was in trouble at the time because he had been disenfranchised by Frederick Christ Trump after his death in 1981 due to excessive drinking.

Steps into politics

The presidential campaign against Hillary Clinton This is not the first time that Donald Trump has tried to win the US presidency. In 1999, he tried his best to become a candidate of the Reform Party. He said that Oprah Winfrey would be his best vice presidential candidate.

His policies at the time were to reduce the federal budget deficit by imposing a one-time 14.25% tax on the super-rich, amending the Civil Rights Act of 1964 to prohibit discrimination against homosexuals and more on companies.

 Tax and fund government public health programs. However, in February 2000, he abandoned the effort due to internal tensions within the Reform Party.

Donald Trump as Actor

In 2000, TV director Mark Burnett proposed a new format to Donald Trump. He suggested a show in which Donald Trump would play a variety of executive roles. The show, titled “The Apprentice”, gave Trump a chance to emerge as a financial figure and he made a lot of money from the show.

The Apprentice was so successful that the last episode of the show’s first season was the most-watched show since Super Bowl this year. She also received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 2007.

Trump University

Just four months after their marriage, Trump introduced the controversial Trump University. The university offered to graduate and postgraduate programs that claimed to teach the secrets of Trump’s financial success.

The university was closed due to lawsuits by students. In these cases, it was alleged that the university was a fake scheme and the company was violating the law by calling itself a university without a charter.

Golf course in Scotland

In 2006, Donald Trump gained some fame in the UK when he bought a golf course in Aberdeen shire, Scotland. Donald Trump said he did so in memory of his Scottish mother.

The project proved extremely difficult for him because of his sharp differences with the local community and environmental pollution workers.

Although the local council rejected Trump’s request for permission, construction work on the course began in 2010 after the intervention of First Minister Alex Salmond, and the course opened in 2012.

Presidential Election

Descending the escalator with his wife Melanie at the Trump Tower, Donald Trump announced his candidacy for the presidency. He promised to pay for his presidential campaign out of pocket so that he would not be influenced by donors.

 He described immigrants from Mexico as coming to the United States, many of them rapists and drug dealers. He said he would protect the Second Amendment to the US Constitution (the right of civilians to bear arms), build a wall on the border with neighboring Mexico, repeal Obama Care, ban Muslim immigration and I will renegotiate US international trade agreements.

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