The strength of forearms and wrist muscles can be greatly enhanced by doing some simple wrist exercises which are easy to perform and require commonly available equipment. Having well built wrist and forearm muscles gives a more complete look to your physique and is thus indispensable to any workout regime.

Wrist Exercises – Suggestions for Beginners

The few simple tools required to start off on wrist exercises include dumbbells, a hand gripper, a rope about 5 feet long and a steel rod of about two lengths. In the initial stages one exercise per workout is adequate and allows for proportionate muscle growth. Wrist curls help in working out the top side of the forearms along with the wrists, which should be followed up by reverse wrist curls for the bottom part of the forearms. The hand gripper is the ideal companion of novices to build up a sturdy wrist that can have strong grips. Hanging weight roll up using the rope and rod with sufficient weights is one of the more advanced wrist exercises which can be attempted subsequently.

Wrist Muscles – Ways to Build Up

Building stronger forearms is a prerequisite to building better wrist muscles. While the size of the wrist is more of a genetic consideration, forearms can be easily developed to give better wrist power. The barbell curl whether on benches or the back curl are the most effective means of developing great wrists that can take more weight and have stronger grip. Flicking finger exercise, wrist bends and extensor exercises are the best means to ensure that there is suppleness and flexibility in the wrist along with added power. Rubber band stretch with the thumb and other fingers practiced over a period of time will give each finger the strength to support the actions of the wrist when the wrist muscles are strained to the maximum.

Wrist Strengthening Exercises – Suggestions

One of the biggest impediments to wrist strengthening exercises is the inherent risk of injury or straining of muscles which needs to be guarded against when commencing a exercise regime. Ideally all such efforts should be done under the supervision of a qualified instructor who can ensure that things are progressing in the desired pace and are the chances of injury are minimized. The most effective workouts for this purpose are wrist extensors, wrist flexors, radial deviation, ulnar deviation, supination and pronation. Planned increments in the intensity levels allowing sufficient time for muscle growth and adaptation is the secret of all strengthening exercises especially of the wrist.