Yoga is a complete way of life that encompasses knowledge and practice of exercises of the body as well as the mind towards a holistic well being in the physical and the spiritual existence.

Yoga Styles- To suit different requirements

Yoga styles are numerous depending on the power involved, level of proficiency, difficulty in performing and the aspect of the body or mind being addressed. The orientations of the various yoga styles depend on the intentions and capabilities of the practitioner. Some of the more common of the yoga styles include Hatha yoga, Asthanga (power) yoga, Bikram yoga, Shanti yoga, Pilates yoga and the Kripalu yoga. These styles have been developed through the ages keeping in mind the diverse nature of people and their varying body structures as well as mental capacity.

Shanti Yoga – Suiting Contemporary Lifestyles

Shanti yoga is a user friendly and contemporary form of the ancient techniques of yoga that have been suitably modified to provide effective results through easy and achievable methods. Meditation and physical exercises have been integrated into the Shanti yoga to create a powerful tool catering to every aspect of personal well being through simple and clear instructions. This form of yoga helps reduce built up anxiety and stress while providing relief from chronic pains to give a feel of lightness and good health.

Pilates Yoga – Integrating Philosophies

Pilates yoga is primarily an integrated form of exercising that includes the best in yoga and pilates to develop a complete workout regime that calms the mind and strengthens the body simultaneously. Pilates is more focussed on the free and full movements of the body while yoga concentrates on the breathing techniques. The combined effect of both is to enhance stamina, strength, flexibility and controlled response in the body.

Kripalu Yoga – Harnessing Internal Energies

Kripalu yoga has the objective of utilizing the various energy pulsations in the human body known as ‘Pranas’ to heal ailments by the combination of physical exercise, deep breathing, meditation and relaxation techniques. This form clears the blockages in the body’s energy flow channel which may lead to imbalances and disorders. Any form of yoga if practiced with sincerity has the power to bring about a healthy change in the complete life style.